Finding an investment property in the area that interests you and meets your expectations can be challenging… Furthermore, selecting the right building that generates the return you seek and has the upside can be tricky… This is where our professionals at RE/MAX Du Cartier A.S. – Commercial Division come into play.

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Here is how we generally proceed with the purchase of a building:

  • 1

    Due diligence

    Right off the bat, we examine the building that interests you from every angle… be it its financial metrics, overall condition, the area it’s located in, as well as the demographics this part of town attracts.

    We conduct an in-depth analysis in order to confirm the building that interests you makes sense and meets your financial goals.

  • 2

    Building inspection

    Examining the building and visiting all its spaces helps our team better understand what it consists of and its overall condition. The inspection closely examines the roof structure, exterior envelope, foundation, plumbing, electricity, heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, fire alarm and interior finishing. Such detailed building inspections undoubtedly confirm if the building we are about to recommend is worth its investment.

  • 3

    Mortgage financing

    If mortgage assumption on the building that interests our client is not required, we generally present a lending proposal to the different banks we work with in order to compare interest rates, terms, amortization periods and of course Cap Rates.

    Needless to say, we retain the one that offers the most advantageous conditions and best suits our client.

  • 4

    Financial analysis

    Which financing should the client pick? To answer this very important question, several scenarios are examined in view of the client’s own objectives and game plan, be it to increase the building’s NOI (Net Operating Income), cash-on-cash, pay down the mortgage the fastest way possible, etc. Of course, this is done with our client’s best interests in mind.

    This fine tuning is the final step prior to tendering a purchase offer.

  • 5

    Purchase offer

    We draft the offer according to what is agreed to and proceed to negotiate the best purchase price and terms and conditions.