Thinking of selling your building?

By retaining the services of RE/MAX du Cartier A.S. you will have access to one of the most complete and performing professional teams in Quebec offering experience, knowledge and a solid 18-year track record of successful transactions.

We know how to smartly present and position a building that is for sale, give it its full value and attract serious buyers… Our hundreds and hundreds of transactions confirm this out loud.

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Here is how we go

about selling a building:

1 Visit the building

Right off the bat, my team and I visit the building to understand what it really consists of, examine its condition, visit its neighborhood and drill down on the demographics. We then review relevant comparables of buildings that recently sold in the same area and the cap rates that they sold at.

2 Conduct internal review

Equally important to visiting the building is understanding all the numbers… We review the leases and notices of increases one by one and prepare an accurate Rent Roll. We then gather all the expenses in order to draft an Income Statement and determine the NOI – Net Operating Income. Lastly, we meticulously review the profitability according to different selling scenarios, always having in mind our client’s specific objectives and best interest.

3 Establish market value

After the internal review and analysing comparable buildings, we set a selling price that aims for the building’s full market value. Establishing the selling price is largely dependent on the building’s NOI, but also on the current market conditions and our flair. We take this analysis very seriously knowingly that it’s the price that will most likely make or break the sale.

4 Mortage financing

Once the selling price is established, we review several selling scenarios considering the smartest and most advantageous mortgage arrangement, specifically the one that will require the least cash down, while at the same time generate the highest NOI. The idea is to provide a credible, accurate and complete financial picture to the interested buyers, thus facilitating and accelerating the sale.

5 Marketing the building

This is the easy part… Once the building has gone through these 4 steps, it’s then presented to a private network of 1,500+ investors and real estate professional who focus on investment properties, as well as to the grand public through newspaper and social media ads. We generally attract serious buyers in the first 4 weeks and close within 3 to 4 months depending on the type of financing it is.